Stuttgart 21 Aktuell News, Bilder, Webcam und Videos von S21 vs. K21


Stuttgart 21 – Deutsche Bahn – Boykott

A great thank to my dear friends from ChemTrailPetition. They made a short trip to berlin and i was very proud to host the team at my home. For me it was wonderful to have them back again for a few days. They have closed their actions about videos on you tube. For me they made one exception. So Andi gave me the video to upload it on my channel. The video plays at their new home on vimeo The video has its copyright to ChemTrailPetition at march 2012 and it is free to copy and for distribution only for the reason if it holds the same meaning in it, sets the music licence of VBM Leipzig and sets the name of ChemTrailPetition and in all reasons the homepages. ChemTrailPetition: VEB Film Leipzig: You may give a voluntary donation to VEB Film Leipzig because of the perfect music. Please give away the words "CTP-Crew" if you donate. This would be fine. Thanks.
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